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4340 P

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These dayglow inks contain fluorescent colour pigments which glow even when excited by normal sunlight. The chemical structure of the luminous pigments causes high frequency radiation (UV and light in the blue spectrum) to be converted to lower frequency, visible light. In twilight, when the light contains a very high percentage of blue, this water-based stamping ink has a very intense colour and effect.

Dayglow luminous pigments glow when excited by daylight as well as artificial light sources. An extremely high fluorescence for special effects can be obtained with „black lights" which emit UVA light.

We recommend 4340P stamping ink as a signal color for marking all absorbent materials such as paper, cardboard, paper napkins and paper goods. This stamping ink is excellent for colorful effects for advertising in campaign flyers. Coated paper, such as high gloss brochures are generally not particularly well suited for marking with 4340P, however can be stamped from case to case when the drying time is not relevant.

Drying time:
~30sec smudge-proof (paper)


highly viscous ~15sec
(Ford 4mm cup)

Stamp material:
Rubber or photo polymers

Stamp pad material:
We recommend our Coloris pad for keeping the ink moist for stamping for a long period without drying out. However felt plate pads, felt rollers, foam rubber rollers or the Soli plate pads can also be used.

GF stamp cleaner

Available standard sizes:
50ml/g · 250ml/g · 1000ml/g

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