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8580 FP/P - A stamping ink for citrus fruits

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A stamping ink using for citrus fruits, what's so spectacular? Ok, it is water-based, but otherwise?  Can one not take the other food inks such as eggs, meat inspectors and cheese stamping ink?

No, because these colors dry very poorly on the waxy citrus peel, roll off and therefore can be washed off quickly. The new stamp ink 8580 FP / P has therefore been designed so that it dries relatively quickly on the surface of the fruit and is smudge-proof. After 24 h, the colour cannot be readily washed off, even though it is water-based.

If the ink pad not soaked too moist, the marking is a little more difficult, but the opacity is significantly increased. The stamping ink is available in several colours; other custom colours can be created with a larger demand without further notice.

Since this ink adheres very well on non-absorbent substrates, it can therefore be applied universally on many substrates. Not only food, but also metals, wood, plastic or rubber are thus to characterize very well. The advantage over all other solvent -based stamp pad inks is that is not a solvent in the 8580 FP / P used , so no VOC - emissions are created, that absolutely is VOC -free and can be used in critical environments !

For more information, refer to the technical data sheet.