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Paperworld Frankfurt 2016

4010 Pantone

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First time at the Paperworld 2011 presented in Frankfurt vision of individual colours for everyone in the office, we can now, after three years duration of the project "4010 - pantone shades for office colours" draw a very successful and impressive conclusion and look back at a busy time. After carefully groping the customers in the first year's interest grew in the following year to unforeseeable proportions.

So we could now provide more than 600 new colours from the PANTONE TABLE available to our customers and having received very positive reviews. Meanwhile, we found that not all customers knew our project "Pantone colors for office", so that we have at the Paperworld 2016
this presented again explicitly. We hope that on the basis of this year's very high demand for our list of Pantone colour stamping inks increases 4010 and further it continues to go well with our customer satisfaction.